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Unlike Ambergris Caye, where the main mode of transportation is golf cart, Placencia does have a number of cars, delivery trucks and personal vehicles.  However, bicycles are a very important part of life in this small village.  Most expats living in the village for a portion of the year purchase bikes.  Living in Placencia, a bike can easily transport you to any of lifes necessary locations in a carribbean beach town……restaurant, bar, beach, fishing pier, grocery store.  What more do you need?  Many people have asked if we miss not having a car.  No, I do not!  I do not miss any any aspect of owning a car.  I do not miss a car payment, car insurance, buying new tires, maintenance and cleaning..  So, no thanks, when we want to explore other areas of the county, we can easily rent a car….I’m fine with my bike!
 Biking in Placencia Belize

 My recent purchase of a new bike was similar to a child’s excitement with a new toy on Christmas morning.  I couldnt wait to get air in the tires, attach the new wire baskets…..I was going to explore!  With Placencia village being at the end of the peninsula, I decided I would venture up the coast, of course, having to turn around and come back had yet to cross my mind.  Another mistake!  By the time I was ready to leave, the morning sun and heat were in full force.  Another “Lesson In Belize”…… if the locals are not out riding bikes in the midday heat…..probably not a great idea!

I head out with my new bike, a bottle of water and my 4lb chichuaha whose wondering why the hell I didn’t leave him in the house!  I had purchased this great little doggie carrier….sort of a front pack instead of backpack…..great, he can see where we’re going, he’ll love it.  He can ride in the basket or the or in the little front pack carrier…he’ll love it.  He did for awhile, then decided he needed out.  I think this was his signal for a bathroom break! I don’t think he was “loving it”.

dogs in placencia
Floyd’s ready to get out of the basket!

Heading north and passing the airport, its quite interesting how the airstrip so closely  borders the local road, requiring the gate that must lower and stop traffic for low-flying aircraft.20160713_124642_1

Tropic Air Flight
Tropic Air


Passing through the village and you can venture down many of the side streets leading to the lagoon.  Amazed at the beautiful homes being built on the lagoon side of the peninsula.  Having excellent boat access and unbelievable sunset views, it’s obvious why this area is becoming so popular.

lagoon lots
lagoon lots

lagoon lot placencia belize


placencia lagoon lots

So exploring part of the peninsula, which turned into seven miles north, was strenuous but a beautiful ride.  The panic did not set in until I suddenly realized I must turn around and ride the seven miles back!  I was exhausted, sweaty and Floyd was no longer enjoying his doggie pack, nor the basket.  Little kids and even grown men were pointing and laughing at him, as he did resemble a small squirrel on a bike!

Belize dogs

Loving Belize!

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