Daily lessons….lettuce on Tuesday !

Lessons in Belize!
I’m learning lessons each day…..some small, but nonetheless important, others large and very critical to an extended stay in this small country.
Large lessons……
Belize is hot!  After being here awhile, I’ve noticed the streets become quite abandoned during the heat of the day.  Locals tend to stay indoors and tourists are tucked into local beach bars or in the nearest pool. Having learned this lesson with our new bikes…..ride early in the morning, or late in the afternoon.

Placencia village downtown

                                                                                            Placencia Village
There are several grocery stores….a few larger stores, several smaller ones, many carry the same items, many with unique items.  So yes, in order to find everything you need on a typical grocery list, you will visit several of these stores.  I’m discovering many of the daily tasks that I seemed to detest back home, have now become quite enjoyable.  Grocery shopping in the states, consisted of shopping at the mega box stores and purchasing much more than you needed or would consume in a typical week.  Stores were filled with hectic, stressed out customers always in a hurry.   Here I’m learning to slow down and enjoy the process.  The counters are lined with fresh tortillas, rolls and bread, made by locals earlier in the day.
John The Bakerman
John The Bakerman


Fresh fruit and juices are staples here ……no preservatives.  Maybe this is why we are feeling so much better since we arrived.  We love to eat, we eat allot, but it’s healthy and fresh. One US dollar buys seven bananas or seven oranges.  Pineapples are around $2.20160715_122649

Produce markets
Local Produce Markets

There are three produce markets within walking distance, each having a few unique items, so stopping by each one is typically a good idea.  When I asked about  fresh romaine lettuce and spinach…… “honey, those come in on Tuesday an20160715_122150d Friday, oh…about 10:30 or so.  Get there by noon, or it will be sold out.”
So to find what you need, may require browsing through the small grocery stores or stopping by a couple produce stands.  Yes, this is a common task. I’m learning to slow down, enjoy the process and realizing, it’s ok…..it’s part of the experience and charm of living in this small Belizean village.

Lesson for this week…….if I want a salad on Wednesday……don’t forget “honey, lettuce comes in on Tuesdays”.
 I’m loving this place!


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