The Pickled Parrot & Placencia Beach Olympics


Having been in town now for a few weeks, we are meeting some great people.  Locals who have lived here their entire lives, tourist who are only in town for a few days, and expats who have made this quaint village their new home.  It’s amazing how they work together to give back to this community. Having found this wonderful little bar and grill just off the Placencia Sidewalk;  The Pickled Parrot, we are quickly feeling welcomed in the community  and meeting some awesome people.

pickled parrot bar placencia belize
Pickled Parrot Bar & Grill
pickled parrot bech bar, placencia belize beach bars,
Mia….Pickled Parrot resident dog!

With a great atmosphere,  this place provides a  relaxing feel, wonderful food and the coldest beer we have found in the village!  The owners quickly greet you with a warm welcome and serve lunch specials that daily fill their place with locals, tourist and expats.
Having dinner on Friday, we were told to make sure we come down to the beach on Sunday for the “Summer Beach Olympics”.  A fundraiser by local Rotary club, who provides scholarships for local children and various other community needs.  Uncertain as to what to expect, we were pleasantly surprised and it definitely reinforced the idea of how this community works together to support this village.
Local businesses, bars, Firefighters and tourist groups competed in activities, from Greased Beach Ball Relay, to Kayak Races and Human  Foseball.  The most entertaining was a game of “something to do with pantyhose on your head and knocking over water bottles”.    When you add these entertaining activities to the breathtaking views and atmosphere on the white sands of Placencia………. how could this not add up to a nearly perfect day……and that it was!
A perfect day in Placencia Village!

Rotary Club Sponsers Summer Beach Olympics
Rotary Club Sponsers Summer Beach Olympics
I think this group of tourists were from Kansas City….. rehydrating before the next event!
Pickled Parrot Team

20160724_115350 20160724_115945

Firefighters olympic team summer beach olympics placencia belize
Firefighters Olympic Team
human foosball placencia belize summer olympics
Human Foosball Arena
Greased Beach Volleyball Relay
kansas city team, placencia olympics, beach games,
“pantyhose on your head…knocking over water bottles relay!!”
human fooseball, beach olympics, placencia rotary club
Human Foosball
pickled parrot bar grill, placencia bars, placencia food,
A Must-Do in Placencia!!    The Pickled Parrtot Bar & Grill


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