Earl is Coming….and he doesn’t look very nice!

So we’ve been in Placencia four weeks now, so excited about our new place.  Although there have been construction delays, we have had a great few weeks.  The people are so welcoming and you immediately feel at home and we absolutely love the area.  The weather has been perfect.  Sunny days, a little rain overnight, cool breezes in the morning.


Then…..Earl wants to pay a visit to this beautiful little country.  As the rumors of bad weather started floating around a few days ago, we didn’t  pay much attention.  Just casual conversation at the beach bar, or the local fishing guides discussing cancelling trips mid week.  One of the great things about being down here, is the lack of 24/7 newscast.  We have watched very little TV, so were really unaware that a storm was “brewing”.

Even yesterday, as we walked down the beach, we asked one of the local fishermen, as he relaxed in his hammock….”how’s the weather looking?….are we going to get the storm?”  He calmly laughed, “nay….should only be 75 MPH winds, it won’t be bad, we’ve had much worse….”don’t worry mon.”    So, we didn’t worry….mon!

Today….we worry!!   It looks as though it now has a name and is headed straight for Belize.  There was a sense of “calm before the storm”.  No one was rushing to the few stores in the small village of Placencia, but you could sense the tides had turned and people were more concerned.  Placencia is a small fishing village and the current prediction of storm surges could do major damage to the village shops, restaurants and local communities.

People are more concerned about helping their neighbors boarding up windows, securing boats and outdoor furniture.  As we sat at the local coffee shop this morning watching people prepare for the upcoming storm, we were discussing the storm with a young girl we met from Missouri.  She’s traveling alone, so the motherly instinct kicked in and I told her to please call your parents, tell them you are coming with us.  So, she’s moving into the new place  with us until this passes.

Although there are minor details that needed to be completed in our new place.  Today, they were the least of our concerns, as the concrete structure looks much better than the beach cottage when a hurricane is coming!  We checked out of the cottage and will be “hunkering down” in our new place.  Its suppose to be built to withstand Cat. 4 hurricane winds.  Earl is currently a Cat. 1, so we should be ok.  We’ve stocked up on water, coffee and wine.  The three food groups!

It has been relatively calm until the last hour or so, now at 11:30 pm.  the winds are definitely picking up and very noisy.  We pray others in this small village are safe, as the predictions are over 100 MPH before morning.

I’ll update tomorrow.  Keep this lovely village and its wonderful people in your prayers.

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Hurricane Earl
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