Goodbye Earl !

Placencia was Blessed!
After a very rough night, windows boarded up, rain pounding for hours, hurricane Earl turned north where the full force seemed to have hit near Belize City and northern regions of the country.  Preparations were made throughout the village as everyone prepared for what turned out to be a Category 1 hurricane.  By mid afternoon, most people settled and just waited.  Preparing for the worse, but praying for Earl to be kind to this beautiful piece of Belize.
As dawn broke, we were able to see the damage to the building. The rooftop palapa collapsed, basically sheared off and hanging off the edge of the townhouse. Of the four townhomes in the development, one palapa does not withstand the forces of the wind, yes, that was ours.  So, close to construction completed and now the entire rooftop palapa is destroyed.  Considering the wind we received, this is small compared to the damage throughout the country.
Rooftop palapa before Earl!
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Rooftop palapa….after Earl!
We walk into the village this morning, although electricity has been off since 11pm last night only a couple small stores were open.  People are out and about in the village checking on neighbors and ensuring everyone safely made it through the night.
It seems as though the major damage in the village was to a dock and dive shop at the end of the village pier.  Heavy winds collapsed the dock and small wooden structure.  Numerous people were pitching in to help with the clearing and cleanup of the debris.image1
We made it back to The Pickled Parrot, one of the few, if not only place open for lunch.  It’s nearly 12  hours now with no electricity, so no service for cell phones.  A few people had contact via social media and the reports coming from the islands were not good. The BTL  (phone company) on the main street was the only place to pick up a signal.  So when you see several people standing against the fence, facing the building, frantically trying to dial…..yes, phone service is down.  You gotta love this place!

Cell phone service...can you hear me now?
Cell phone service…can you hear me now?

With Placencia being on the southern tip of the eye of the hurricane, we missed a direct hit.  Knowing this, most were aware that Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker probably suffered severe damage.  With Ambergris Caye being the #1 tourist destination in the country, the tiny island is heavily populated with vacation homes and island resorts. All reports are showing that there was major damage to the piers and several dive shops on the island of Ambergris Caye.

As for Placencia, Earl took a northern turn and only left minor damage to this beautiful, quaint village we have quickly come to love!

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