Ranguana Caye…….Best Day Ever!!!

Everyone in Placencia had told us about taking the day trip to Ranguana Caye.  A “must do” while in Placencia.   Ranguana Caye is a private island located about an hour from the downtown Placencia pier.   A great daytrip for snorkeling, kayaking, paddleboarding or just relaxing in the beach hammocks.  Lunch is provided in the fee and Billys Beach Bar provides cocktails and beer at an additional charge.

Raguana caye, placencia belize, day trips
Ranguana Caye, Placencia Belize

Only taking a small group from the village each day, you ensure the privacy and comfort of having the island to your own small group.  We  had approximately 13 in our group an were very comfortable in the boat ride to the island, as well being able to enjoy all the activities on the island.

ranguana caye beach day
Lunch is provided under the shaded palms

The guides did a great job explaining the options once we arrived on the island, as well as assisting the groups for snorkeling trips.  We were taken in two small groups to snorkel and the guides were so helpful in not only guiding us through the reef, but pointing out all the unique coral and fish.

Ranguana Caye, Placencia Belize
Ranguana Caye, Placencia Belize

We all enjoyed the lunch of chicken, rice, beans and cole slaw under the shaded palms of the small island.  Having the bar on the island allowed you to enjoy beer and cocktails throughout the day for a small additional charge.

Ranguana Caye, Billys Beach Bar
Billys Beach Bar, Ranguana Caye

We noticed areas on the beach, as well as up near the bar area where signs were posted for turtle nests and areas were sectioned off to protect the nests.  The guides explained how each nest was posted with a date fro approximate time of hatching.  Having seen the turtles come ashore on the beach at night, they were able to mark the nest to protect them until they hatched.

turtle nest, rang
Ranguana Caye, turtle nest,

Unsure of what to expect on the trip, we were very pleasantly surprised at the beauty and peacefulness of this small island.  The workers went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and enjoy our day on the island. After snorkeling, we were able to use the kayaks and paddleboards, play volleyball or just relax in the white sand beaches of this small piece of paradise.

Beaches at Ranguana Caye
Beaches at Ranguana Caye

Two people from our group decided to stay on the island for the evening in the beach cottages that can be rented for an extended stay. Check out prices and details of the island and cottage rentals on facebook and ranguanacaye.com

Cottages Ranguana Caye
Cottages Ranguana Caye

From our experience, we would definitely recommend ranguana caye to everyone visiting the Placencia area.  The beauty of the island, the options for a day of beach fun and the friendliness of the staff makes for a nearly perfect day in the Placencia area.

Perfect day on Ranguana Caye!
Perfect day on Ranguana Caye!

Good bye from Ranguana Caye!

Good bye from Ranguana Caye!!
Trips can be booked online, or at their local office on main street near the Placencia pier.

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