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Saturday Farmers Market
Day two into our trip to the Cayo district, we knew San Ignacio Saturday market was a definite “must-do.” We arranged our trip to ensure we would be in town on Saturday. With this falling on Sep 10th and being the country’s celebration of St. Georges Caye day, it was especially busy.

Fresh fruit & Veggies from Cayo district
Fresh fruit & Veggies from Cayo district


The market is packed with vendors from all areas in the Cayo district selling fruits, vegetables, spices, fish and some of the best food vendors you will find anywhere in this diverse area of the country.  Fresh grilled authentic Belizean dishes all in the unique atmosphere of this wonderful Saturday market.   Many vendors are from the local Mennonite communities of nearby Spanish Lookout, providing home baked breads, cakes, granola and a variety of cheeses.

 We were amazed at the number of food vendors and the variety of food they offered.  Papusas, tortillas, quesadillas, meat pies and fry jacks, just to name a few. ( Yes, we tried most of them…I justified it as “research”)
With September 10th being St George’s Caye Day and September 21st the country’s Independence Day the celebrations will last all month.  It was apparent this weekend marked the beginning of the festivities. Not only in San Ignacio area, but in every small village we visited this week, cars and houses were being decorated with Belizean flags and colors, events are scheduled throughout the month.  People were preparing for the afternoon parade, children were enjoying the ice cream vendors and local musicians were performing throughout the town.

For anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the true culture of this area, this cannot be missed!

Blue Crab
Spices…..Spices…..Spices !


After a few hours at the market, it’s hard to believe, but yes, we were starving and ready for lunch!

The Guava Limb Café


Having visited the area last year we remembered a cozy little organic restaurant on the edge of town, with great food.  A perfect place for a relaxing lunch after a few hours at the hectic market.  The Guava Limb.  What a great surprise when we easily found it, but even more so, to see the transformation that has occurred since our last visit.  What was once a tiny quaint little cafe, has expanded outside into a beautifully landscaped patio area, overlooking the park.

Awesome outdoor dining areas!
Awesome outdoor dining areas!

Upstairs now has additional seating both inside and out, expanded the kitchen and added a beautiful dessert case and larger bar area.20160910_122018
We arrived about 15 minutes before opening time, but they gladly seated us on the shaded patio until the kitchen was ready to open.  What a great surprise with the food choices, the service was first class and the food was some of the best we have had anywhere in the country.  Salads, lettuce wraps,  Hibiscus herbal teas and fresh squeezed orange juice made for the perfect lunch in the perfect atmosphere.  The staff went above and beyond with service, ensuring we were enjoying our meal and our afternoon.






As we left, the manager mentioned they were having drum percussion music for dinner and invited us back.  By 5 pm….when choosing where to go for dinner, we knew we couldn’t go wrong with The Guava Limb Cafe!
We had no idea the elegant meal and impeccable service we would receive.  In addition to the music, which topped off the evening as the absolute best of the trip.  Pesto Pasta, Steak Burger, and one of the biggest T-Bone steaks I have ever seen served for dinner.  We were amazed the dinner meal was even better than the lunch!

After speaking with the manager, she explained the five guys in the kitchen are all under the age of 25. Unbelievable for such a young staff to provide this level of top quality dishes.

Chef cutting palm leaf for baked chicken entrée!
Chef cutting palm leaf for baked chicken entrée!
Chocolate Heaven!!
Chocolate Heaven!!

I cannot recommend this place more highly if you are anywhere near the San Ignacio area, you must visit this place for a guaranteed delightful experience. With the atmosphere, the employees and the five star food offers, you will not be disappointed at The Guava Limb Cafe in San Ignacio!

This being our second full day in San Ignacio….. the Saturday Market and Guava Limb Café  will be hard to beat!

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