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Lessons in Belize!

As you settle into a new area such as we have, you begin to fall into the “local” status.   You are no longer a tourist or a “snowbird”.  I recently realized I have reached that point;  as my mind is now processing some great little tidbits of info that everyone in town just obviously knows.  When I mention this epiphany,  I receive blank stares….  “duhhh” yes Einstein,  everyfone knows  you get the best peanut brittle at the pharmacy!

What the hell! I can now consider myself a local, realizing this as I organized a list of things I needed to purchase while out in town today. Having no Wal Mart, yes, I know that may be a hard reality for some to accept, but it’s not something I miss in the least..   However, this reality forces you to strategically plan when you head out shopping. Here is a sample of my shopping agenda based on my recent Lessons in Belize!

Lesson #1

Peanut Brittle at the Pharmacy!

Yes, a recent trip to the local pharmacy to refill some prescriptions, a great one in town and so helpful with transferring my scripts and answering any questions. In addition to obvious items you’ll find in any pharmacy, they have a few extras! A great little display of homemade peanut brittle. Neatly packaged and sitting on the counter. Yes, you know, arranged in the perfect place to stare you in the face as you wait for your script to be filled. Just as back in the states and the checkout isles are filled with last minute items that are hard to resist. Ok…so here you wont find Snickers Bars, or Hershey chocolate, as these imports are really expensive and the heat does a job on a chocolate candy bar! But you will find the best homemade peanut brittle I have ever eaten.
So, yes, we visit the pharmacy often, not so much for scripts to be filled…..but definitely for the peanut brittle.

Placencia Pharmacy
Placencia Pharmacy
Peanut Brittle..Sold Out!
Peanut Brittle..Sold Out!









Lesson #2

Coffee from the Hardware Store!

If I were stranded on an island with only three items …..the first two would be coffee…the third would be a great coffee mug to enjoy it in! Being in this area, the coffee is wonderful and all the local grocery stores have a wide variety to choose from.  There are a few great coffee shops who also sell some unique varieties.  However, to ensure its fresh, I like to grind the beans, to me it just seems fresher. I found that the local hardware store, Wallens, has a room in the back of the store with tons of great wines and “adult beverages”, but also a large variety of fresh coffee beans and the machine to grind it fresh. So, when I need my fresh ground coffee, I head to Wallens Hardware on main street in the village, I venture through the tools, pipes, nails and paint….to the back room and grind my coffee! Now, off to the grocery store for my Avon!

Lesson #3

Avon at the grocery store!
I know this seems outdated, as yes, Avon was something my mother used 40 years ago when the Avon lady use to come by the house for the order.  You loved the Avon books and could shop for hours organizing your order. We grew up in the country and the nearest store for major shopping was 30 minutes away.  So this was  back before you could run to the local mall, visit “Bath & Body Works” and stock up on your favorite lotions. There are no malls, no Wal Mart, Target or Victoria’s Secret. So when you see anything resembling a decent lotion, especially one with a fragrance other than coconut oil, you have hit the jackpot.  Exactly what happened this week in the grocery store. I’m shopping for chicken and rice and there,  all neatly stacked across from the frozen chicken breast…..a large display of Avon!  ( “duhhhh…” I’m not sure why I was surprised!)   Your sense of smell is one of the strongest senses to trigger memories. Did this ever bring back memories…  the scent of Sweet Honesty lotion.   For a brief moment I was 16 and back in high school.    Yes, thankfully for only a brief moment, I then realized I was in the grocery isle with my frozen chicken, my rice and beans, favorite hot sauce in one hand and sniffing jars of Avon lotions!

Avon at the grocery store!
Avon at the grocery store!

No this beats the hell out of high school…. I’ll take 56 and Belize over 16 and high school any day.

Snap out of it, I still have to get my vitamin supplements and teas from Omars restaurant!

Loving my Lessons in Belize!

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