“The Call”

As much as you may be enjoying the beautiful ocean and country of Belize, when you receive “that” call, you immediately know you must drop everything and head back to the states. For me, that call was when my four year old grandson called from Oklahoma and screamed into the phone, “WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO MY HOUSE|?” I booked a flight the following day!

Many of the conversations at the local ex-pat hangouts immediately revert to , “Where are you from…..have any grand kids back home….what do they think of your moving to Belize? Grand kids are probably the #1 reasons most retires get a little emotional about relocating to this tropical paradise. I’ll admit, some of my children thought I was crazy when I told them about buying a condo in Belize.  However, as soon as they were able to visit, I was suddenly a pretty intelligent mother after all, they loved it!  Obviously as you approach retirement age, spending time with the grandkids is a top priority. With so many blended families and living in  different areas in the states, many retires see their children and grandchildren as much or more often here in Belize than we did back home. Who wouldn’t want to go to grandma’s house when she lives in Belize!!

Summer at Grandmas!
Summer at Grandmas!

My experience of moving to Belize is finding the balance to spend time in this beautiful little country, but still being able to see the grandkids. For the ones that were able to visit this year, it allowed for some great one-on-one times and provided them with a much needed vacation.. Experiencing the fishing trips, snorkeling and lobster season has been the highlights of their summer trips.  So as they return to the states to resume their busy lives, we remained here for a few months.


I’ve been in Belize four months this time and I admit, I was needing a serious “grand kid fix”.

Although my grown children are all in their 20-30‘s, they’ll always be my babies. I’m looking forward to seeing them again and catching up on what I so clearly recall as the hectic lives of young adults and parents. What use to be fun trips to the zoo and amusement parks, will be replaced with the casino, sports bar, or shopping, but all fun stuff when getting to see what great adults your children have become.

As much as I’m looking forward to visiting the kids and grand kids, I am not looking forward to the weather! Returning to the states in late fall can be tricky at best and sometimes unbearable when winter hits the mid west. I’ll be digging out the sweatshirts, sweatpants, coats and boots.For months on end, my wardrobe consisted of flipflops, t-shirts and baseball caps.

I’ve been back in the states almost two weeks now and have had some great times with the kids. We’ve gone to the pumpkin patch with a very energetic four year old. Watched our nine year old score the winning touch down at his football game in Oklahoma, lost a little money at a couple casinos with the “older children” and that was just in two states. Headed from Texas to Oklahoma, then to Kansas City has provided a very busy couple weeks. Now headed to Michigan to visit other family members…..I have made a pit stop at Old Navy for winter wear! Sweats, hoodies and a jacket…..things I have not worn in a while, but from the crispness in the air this morning…..I think I’m going to need them.

Although, I’m missing my home and friends in Belize, it’s great to see the family and do some traveling throughout the states……..however, I could use some warmer weather!!

Loving my family visits……,missing Belize!

Enjoying the journey

Our “roadtrip” from Placencia to San Ignacio was definitely an intense and exciting four days.  There were attractions we knew we wanted to visit and others that just happened to be along the road as we traveled.  The drive alone was a wonderful experience. The beautiful mountains, banana plantations, orange groves and lush farms along the way made the drive well worth the time.  From the intense and at times “painful” experience of the waterfall in Bocawina National Park to the peacefulness of the Maya Mountain Lodge, we truly enjoyed every minute of the trip.

san ignacio belize
Wildlife San Ignacio Belize


Whatever region of Belize you choose, you will not be disappointed at the options for adventure.  Whether your idea of a vacation is swimming with the nurse sharks off the coast of Ambergris Caye, or wandering the peaceful sidewalk of Placencia village, Belize will not disappoint! 20161006_1739101

Most visitors come to Belize for a weeks vacation.  Belize Tourism Board reports that 75% of all visitors go to Ambergris Caye/San Pedro.  The beautiful little island that provides nearly every imaginable option for a funfilled weeks vacation in a tropical paradise. You can snorkel, dive, boat, fish, parasail, …you can rent a golf cart, rent a bike, rent a wave runner, rent a scooter…..you can eat at a five star hotel …..a beachside bar…or a local taco stand…. Nearly every vacation adventure can be experienced in this beautiful little country.



One of the observations I’m making  as we have been in the area for a while, is the kindness of the people.  Whether it’s the locals that you may see on a daily basis, or a tourist that’s just in town for a few days.  Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the awesome views of the beautiful water, but there’s a sense of relaxation and peacefulness.


After returning to Placencia this week, we have met some awesome people, both interesting and inspiring for what they are doing and how they too enjoy coming to this beautiful little country.  One family we met has been coming to Placencia for 20 years, typically a  couple times a year on vacation or long weekends.  Living in Guatemala, they travel the three hours up the coast in their boat….(they called it a boat….I called it a small yacht….very nice!!) They spoke about how this area has gradually changed over time, but still embodies the quaint village feel that keeps them coming back year after year.

This time of year is definitely slow season.  Many places are closed to prepare for high season and allow their employees some time off.  So the village can be especially calm and quiet and tourist are few and far between in September.  With that being said, it was interesting and unique that we met this awesome couple traveling with their three children.   They explained how they are taking a year off and are  currently six weeks into their year journey that started near Portland Oregon.  Driving through the states, through Mexico, then Belize and ending in Peru.  I was so impressed with the family and the awesome opportunity they are providing their children with this experience.

Having the opportunity to meet these awesome and interesting people makes this journey even more exciting.  I am loving the area, the people and this wonderful little country!  Life is good…..Belize makes it even better!



Pro-Organic Belize www.wearegrassfed.com

On a recent visit to San Ignacio for my son to explore the Cayo district, he fell in love with that region of Belize. His interests in health, nutrition and wellness is a perfect fit for all that this area of Belize has to offer.
As we spent a few days at Maya Mountain Lodge and Wellness center, he immediately connected with the owners and staff of the lodge. Sharing the upcoming organization and development of a pro-organic co-op in the Cayo district, it was apparent these programs fit perfectly into the fields he plans to pursue. After being offered an internship, he returned to the lodge and is so excited for this opportunity.

Currently spending three months in San Ignacio and working with local organizations to establish an organic co-op, he is documenting some awesome experiences in this beautiful area of the country.

For some great blog posts on this area of Belize…, authentic Belizean cooking, organic food and farming techniques, health and wellness and how they are establishing Pro-Organic Belize in the Cayo district……..check it out at www.wearegrassfed.com