Pro-Organic Belize

On a recent visit to San Ignacio for my son to explore the Cayo district, he fell in love with that region of Belize. His interests in health, nutrition and wellness is a perfect fit for all that this area of Belize has to offer.
As we spent a few days at Maya Mountain Lodge and Wellness center, he immediately connected with the owners and staff of the lodge. Sharing the upcoming organization and development of a pro-organic co-op in the Cayo district, it was apparent these programs fit perfectly into the fields he plans to pursue. After being offered an internship, he returned to the lodge and is so excited for this opportunity.

Currently spending three months in San Ignacio and working with local organizations to establish an organic co-op, he is documenting some awesome experiences in this beautiful area of the country.

For some great blog posts on this area of Belize…, authentic Belizean cooking, organic food and farming techniques, health and wellness and how they are establishing Pro-Organic Belize in the Cayo district……..check it out at

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