Visiting this small Caribbean island for a few days you’ll want to experience as much as possible without missing a single thing. The beaches, the shops, water sports, beach bars and island tours….it’s difficult to do it in such a short few days. So choices must be made! One of the most difficult choices is “Where do we eat?”

For such a small quaint little island the food choices are unbelievable. I am a morning person. The first decision every morning is to reach for my coffee. After several cups, I may or may not choose to have breakfast. So when deciding where to go for breakfast on the island, I was pretty indecisive. As long as they serve coffee…..I’m good. As we walked down the sandy beach streets, passing several options for breakfast, nothing caught my eye. Then we passed a cozy little place with an awesome French ambiance…..ok…let’s try this!

Caye Caulker, Belize
Crepes & Dreams

Best decision since arriving on the island!  The owners were welcoming, friendly and seemed to be the perfect people to operate this specialty restaurant in this unique island atmosphere. The restaurant provided ample seating. Cozy areas for small groups, and larger arrangements for groups of six to eight. The menus were mounted on small cutting boards, as well as having the drink menus on wooden rolling pins. A unique, clever and authentic addition to this one of a kind place.

caye caulker belize restaurants
Owners; Chris & Carrie

The options for breakfast were quite large and had numerous choices in addition to their specialty crepes.
Drinks ranged from basic coffee, iced coffee, fresh juices, smoothies, shakes, sangria and infused rum. A ton of choices to fit into either your breakfast or brunch options. Having two categories of crepes; savory included traditional breakfast items from bacon and eggs, to cheese, potatoes, onions and garlic, with sweet crepes filled with fresh fruit, cream cheese, nutella, topped with honey or caramel.

.caye caulker restaurants

caye caulker belize

Everyone is well aware of the qualifications of being recognized as a great restaurant. To obtain an “exemplary” classification on Trip Advisor, you must combine great food, great service, and great atmosphere. This quaint little island restaurant hits the mark on all three; service, food and atmosphere. Service was wonderful, friendly and welcoming. The atmosphere of French motif/bistro, set the scene for some authentic French favorites…..classic crepes. It’s easy to see how they are receiving top ratings on Trip Advisor.

For this fast developing little island, the owners should be proud of what they have accomplished and the village should be appreciative to have such a great unique choice for the island visitors. Their wonderful restaurant, their welcoming attitude, and unbelievable food will continue to attract visitors and locals to this fabulous little jewel on this tiny island.  A “Must-Do” while on Caye Caulker!

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