So last night, I’m driving the golf cart home to the south end of town, having been at a friend’s house north of the bridge. For those  unfamiliar with the island, the north end and south end are basically determined by the toll bridge as you enter town.

                                         Ambergris Caye, Belize

Anyway, when leaving the north end, you cross the toll bridge into town. As I slow down, a mother and young son were standing beside the road. Mom has a large bundle near her feet and is obviously preparing to sell here handmade wares to tourist downtown. We make eye contact, I smile and she yells, “can we have a ride please?” Obviously, I’m headed across the bridge and with only one road; hard to say I’m not heading her way. Of course, jump in! The adorable young boy jumps in the front seat with me, while mom loads her huge bundle on the backseat. Yes, she’s headed downtown, just let me know when you want off. A few short minutes and I learn he’s five years old, will start to school this year and has a big sister. They are headed to work and he helps his mother. Oh, and he’s five years old now….he kept reminding me! I fell in love with this kid. We soon reach their stop, they jump off, he slaps a quick “high-five” and thanks me several times as I drive away.

As I drive thru town, I’m smiling, both inside and outside; realizing I truly love this island. Just as I slow down for a speed bump; I guess I was still smiling as I made eye contact with a young girl walking with a large bag of produce. I say Hi, she replies, “can I have a ride?” Of course, again, one road and we are both headed south. She tells me she’s headed home from the store for her mom and she’s nine years old. It’s getting dark and as I turn on my road, I did not want to let her out on the dark road to walk alone, so I said, show me where you live, I’ll take you home. She looked very surprised…”really?” Not far past my house, I drop her off…we are both smiling as I drive away!

Now, I’m headed home. One block before getting to my driveway, I see a young mom carrying a baby, two young boys following, all dressed up, I’m guessing for church. Thinking there is no church near my house, I realized she would have a very long walk with these small children. I slow down, yes, we make eye contact. I did not have the heart to tell her, sorry, I live across the street and I’m almost home. So I smiled, she smiled, I said hop in. Yes, they were headed to church, back in town! So, now I’m headed back into town. Another few minutes laughing with these beautiful children, I drop them off in front of their church. Thank you’s and smiles….I am now headed home. Seriously…..I drove straight home and did not make eye contact, as my heart was full and my gas tank was nearly empty!

Lesson in Belize!
Eye contact and a smile is well worth the time!


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