Five awesome Belize experiences to share with your grandkids

One of my favorite things about Belize is the lack of “cookie cutter” resorts.  Belize is unique, less commercialized and more adventurous than the all-inclusive resorts you find with most vacation options.  Yes, I have traveled with my grandkids to the carefree resorts with tons of food options, huge pools and daily activities for the kids.   Granted, we have made lifelong memories on these trips, but I soon realized the experiences were the same. Eat, swim…repeat…

belize vacation with kids
Grandkids Love Belize!

However, Belize seems to offer those moments where you slow down and realize why you choose to travel with your grandkids.  You want them to experience the beauty of this unique little country and the kindness of the Belizean people.  Experience their culture, sample their traditional foods and respect their challenge to protect the “second largest barrier reef in the world” and their little piece of paradise.

As I continue to explore Belize; I’m making a list of favorite things to do when traveling with grandkids!

1.   Belize Zoo

belize zoo


Harpy Eagle Belize Zoo
Harpy Eagle

Howler Monkey

2.  ACES  Crocodile Sanctuary

This is an evening trip kids and adults of all ages will love.  Get an up close experience of how this great organization is working to protect the crocodile on the island of Ambergris Caye and throughout the country of Belize.  After having nurtured this baby croc back to health, my grandson was given the opportunity to release him back into the wild.  What an awesome experience!

ACES crocodile sanctuary
             Releasing a baby croc back into the wild.

Hol Chan, San Pedro, Belize

3.  Snorkeling in Ambergris Caye


Belize offers some of the best snorkeling and diving options in the world.  There are numerous tour operators who offer a combination of full day fishing, snorkeling, beach BBQ’s, sunset cruises and catamaran party boat trips.  The choices are endless and it’s easy to find one to fit all ages and abilities.


4.  Volunteering at SAGA Humane Society…..

SAGA San Pedro, Belize

SAGA Humane society
Volunteer dog walking on the beach!

What turned out to be a favorite was the trip to the local humane society. This group provides a priceless service to the community and the volunteers work tirelessly to assist in finding homes for these rescued animals.  So when visiting, take the time to stop by SAGA.  Volunteer to walk the dogs, assist at the center, provide a donation for much-needed supplies, or go that extra step and make plans to provide a forever home for one of them!








5.  Maya Ruins in San Ignacio

maya ruins belize
Xuantunich Maya Ruins

So add Belize to that Bucket List with your kids/grandkids!  Rent a car and explore the ruins,  take the water taxi to Caye Caulker, fly the “puddle-jumper” to Ambergris Caye.  Visit the local schools and establish “pen-pals” with the students, swim with the sharks, walk the beaches and watch the sunsets……memories that will last a lifetime!

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