There’s something about the cool ocean breeze, the sand in your toes and a long walk on the beach that put’s life into perspective. A “time-out” of sorts to reevaluate where you’ve been, where you’re going and to sincerely be thankful for these opportunities.  Counting my blessings is a top priority at this stage in my life. I’m thankful for my children, my grandchildren and the love of my life who shares this journey.

When you reach this  “third” stage in life there seems to be a shift in perspective. The days are calmer, the worries are fading and “passing the torch” of parenting and responsibility have slowly eased into the background. It isn’t until we observe our adult children dealing with the challenges and obstacles, just as we did at that stage, do we truly realize and appreciate this cycle called life. We can now enjoy our children as the strong, capable young adults they are becoming.

I’m realizing on the island, I count my blessings more and my worries less. I’m certain that whatever issue comes my way, it will pass. Be it a challenge or obstacle, “this too shall pass.” I watch more sunrises and sunsets. I ride my bike and take more walks. I try to see the good in people and understand that everyone is dealing with their own issues so a smile and a kind word can make a small difference in a strangers day.

I have found my peace near the ocean and I’m certain this is the place I was meant to be.
Thank You Belize!

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