On August 4th, 2016, Hurricane Earl landed a devastating blow to the island of Ambergris Caye. Thankfully there were no deaths or major injuries, but nearly every dock, dive shop and restaurant located over the water was damaged or completely destroyed.  I had been in Placencia when Hurricane Earl hit.  Having been on the southern peninsula, we were fortunate to have lost only one small dive shop and dock with virtually very little additional damage.

Arriving in San Pedro the following morning, here was the incredible reality the residents of San Pedro would be facing.   These shots were taken from Banyan Bay area towards downtown.

hurricane earl damage
Beaches near Ramons

hurricane earl belize

Nearly a year later, as we walk these beaches, it’s amazing to see the transformation since the damage from Hurricane Earl.  Docks have been rebuilt, beaches have been reclaimed with beautiful white sand and seawalls that protect the beaches from erosion.  Ramon’s Resort has rebuilt their dive shop and beautiful walkway along the beach.  Xanadu Resort has added  palapas and extended their beach.   At the time, it was very difficult to imaging this little island would recover after the extensive damage.  Thanks to the unbelievable hard work of everyone involved…….here are a few shots of the morning walk……even better than before!

ambergris caye belizebeaches ambergris caye belize

belize beachesbeaches belize

belize beaches

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