Fusion and Mojos……Placencia’s Finest !

One thing that I’ve found in Placencia is the enormous number of excellent restaurants in such a small village.  I’m even more surprised that we have not been disappointed in any of them!  Whether it’s grabbing a taco from the street side vendors or the five course romantic dinner at Fusion, the food in this village is fabulous!  Many people are visiting  this area for the beaches, the fishing and the quiet, quaint, little village……I think it will soon be recognized as having some of the best food and restaurants you will find anywhere in Belize……these two places stand out by far:


Mojos restaurant, placencia, belize
Mojos Bartique
Mojos bar, placencia belize

Mojos is described by the owner and listed as a “Bartique”, a restaurant and bar in a “boutique” setting.  With reviews on TripAdvisor as, “fantastic, excellent and a must-have” while in Placencia, you are sure to enjoy the food, the people and the atmosphere.   A great location in the heart of the village on main street near the pier.  Tucked away upstairs, this little bar and restaurant has become a favorite of tourists and locals alike. Many people go there, or at least tried it initially for the great “Happy Hour.”  Drinks and appetizers are half price!

Mojos Bar
Mojos Bar

This is not your typical “bar food”.  Don’t get me wrong, I love wings, nachos and poppers as well as anyone, and they do serve wings and chips & ceviche,  but these happy hour appetizers are a step up from your classic bar food.  Fresh fish strip filet,  crispy shrimp, spring rolls and a favorite:  Mashed Balls..(like taking the inside of a twice baked potato, roll into balls and lightly fried)  OMG!

Mojos Mashed Balls!
Mojos Mashed Balls!
Mojos placencia
Fresh Fish Strips
Mojos restaurant
Mojos fresh shrimp & seafood ceviche!

This great happy hour will get you in there.   The food, the atmosphere and the wonderful people who manage the place will keep you coming back!   Alicia, the manager is one of those people who instantly make you feel comfortable and welcome.  It’s apparent this is “her baby” and she’s proud, as she well should be, as this place is the #3 restaurant rated on Trip Advisor for Placencia.

So yes, it’s a bar..it’s a cozy little restaurant and it offers some of the most unique, classic drinks we have found anywhere. Alicia, has concocted some refreshing tropical drinks that are perfect for ending a long day at the beach, or just to relax on their outdoor patio overlooking the village. The dinner menu includes some of the best and freshest seafood dishes and pasta you will find in the area. Mojos …”must-do” while in Placencia!



Fusion Beach Bar
Fusion Beach











The other great gem we have found is Fusion.  The connection between these restaurants are the owners.  Faizal & Robyne Tejani recently purchased both properties and it seems as though they are on a great path for establishing some unique jewels in this wonderful little village.

fusion, placencia
Enjoy lunch by the pool!
fusion beach bar placencia
Great Ocean view for inside dining!


fusion beach
Fusion Beach

Fusion is located on the north end of the village, tucked away on a breathtaking piece of white sand beach.  Having a great pool and spacious deck overlooking the ocean  makes it the perfect place to spend the day the sipping a cocktail in the Caribbean sun.  A wonderful bar connects the outdoor patio and pool to the spacious indoor area that provides seating for quiet romantic dinner overlooking the ocean.

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Here are a few pictures……Yes, I have eaten all this…….. No not in one meal…….It’s called Research!!~~Yes, that is how I justify it!

From lobster bisque to sushi and fresh fish, every meal has been superb.  This is a place you do not want to miss while in Placencia.  Actually, having dinner at Fusion may be the reason to come TO Placencia.  It’s apparent in the quality, the presentation and uniqueness of the dishes they serve, as why these chefs are some of the finest you will find anywhere in Belize!

Don’t miss a trip to Fusion when in the Placencia area!



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