Merl's Cafe

Merl's is the closest restaurant to our house so we often walk over for a traditional Belizean breakfast, lunch special, or fish dinner but regardless of the meal we get chocolate cake and lemon pie.

Rick's Cafe

After developing his skills in 7 different countries, Rick has created his masterpiece and built his team around the same chefs he's been training for 10 years. Don't forget to say hi to Sweetie!

Pickled Parrot

Pickled Parrot is home to the $10BZ lunch special like Fish 'n' Chips, Pork Roast, Coconut Rice with Coconut Shrimp & more!

Barefoot Bar

Home of Live Music and $1 Bittaz

Tipsy Tuna

Wings and Beliken beer
Home of $1 wings on Thursdays!

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