Day2: Xuantunich Maya Ruins

After an exhausting first day on the drive from Placencia, we were ready to explore the ruins.

Our plan for the second day was Xuantunich. Only a short 10 drive from San Ignacio towards the Guatamela border, we arrived just in time to watch the group of riders from Hanna Stables cross the ferry. Don’t miss the local food vendors for a quick breakfast before crossing the ferry into the park. Amy’s Diner is across the street, with some of the best food you will find in Belize!

Since our last visit they have added several craft and souvenir booths at the entrance. If you are looking to buy…this is the place! Best prices I’ve seen anywhere in the country. We picked up two hammock chairs for $25US each!

After entering the park, make sure you check out the visitor center for a wonderful display and information on the layout of the site. Many people arrive with tour guides from resorts an hotels across the country for a more for a more detailed and informative tour of the site. (I think my explanation was…”this is it, an we are climbing to the top”) lol. We did make it to the top an the views were incredible!

All was going well on the second day of our adventure……UNTIL we noticed a guide walking ahead of us stop,lean over a hole in the ground, takes a stick and pulls a huge tarantula out of that hole just as we walked by.

Shit just got real….we are headed to the car! Well, I went with her because she was scared and she is my friend!! You know women stick together, or run together, whatever is necessary at the moment. In all honesty, it was quite cool how he let the kids hold it. We politely decline the offer and walk briskly to the car. We sacrificed our experience for the children!!

Lesson for the day…….kids always come first, especially when holding a tarantula is involved.