Lessons from Cayo: Can a friendship survive four days in the jungle?

Day 1

After living here in Belize for a few years, many of our friends an family have visited and we are always looking for new places to explore. So when our friends from Illinois planned a return trip, we decided to explore the Cayo District. Only a few hours drive from crystal blue beaches of Placencia to the lush jungle, Maya ruins, and farmland of Cayo.

Headed from Placencia, our first stop was Maya Sky waterfalls, thru Belmopan an into San Ignacio. Lots of great pictures, beautiful mountains, narrow roads, even more narrow bridges at times, but the perfect way to see all this country has to offer.

Arriving late afternoon just in time to catch the end of the Saturday market, still giving them an idea of what a bustling market this is on an early Saturday morning. Keep in mind the drive is breathtaking thru the mountains and we were constantly stopping for photos, at taco stands, waterfalls, gift shops, chocolate tours…get the picture? Constantly in an out of the car.  So, when we arrive at the market, we are close to exhaustion. Our friend….(she said I could not post this, sorry Laurie) gets out of the car with this mess of something all over her foot an leg.  I swear it looked like “dog dodo”!  When I finally stopped laughing and realized it was her melted chocolate bar….she is headed to the grass to wipe it off.  If I could have stopped laughing, I would have yelled…  “DO NOT go to the grass …..Belizean ants!”  We cut our time short at the market an headed to the hotel. 

A good friend should have given her that bit of advice earlier, but I seriously thought it was dog do!  

Lesson for the day…….Belizean Chocolate melts very quickly!